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Bozeman Interior Design by Rocky Mountain Design-Interiors: Article – April 26, 2019

Review of High Point Furniture Market 2019

My colleague and I just returned from the largest furniture market in North America.  It is in High Point North Carolina where over 80% of furniture that is made in the USA is manufactured.    With over 8 million square feet of showroom space, spread out over several miles, just maneuvering between showrooms can be a challenge.  

I also say that High Point market is the epitome of “the good, the bad, and the ugly”. Not everything in the world of furniture design is good, and at High Point market you see it all.  I always like going to market because you will see the latest trends in the industry as well as you feel the heartbeat of the business of furniture manufacturing. Finding out who is on the skids, who just merged with another company, who left one company and is now heading another company, etc. is fascinating to me. One can find out more on where to get the right office furniture as it is explained here

I always summarize my thoughts on the industry after visiting market. After this last market, I am more encouraged that our industry is finally heading back in the right direction after almost 8 years stuck in a bland, grey, industrial rut. For the first time in many years, I am see more diversity which is always a good thing.  Lately it had become harder and harder to find appropriate furnishings that are warm, colorful and natural. Furnishings that fit our casual rustic lifestyle here in Montana, look for the deskmy design  for your home with desk mats, frames and more !

After what I saw at market, I am finding new exciting products that can be used to fit our western vernacular. Of course, contemporary styling is still very popular and can be a good fit here as well, and I am also seeing more introductions of softer lines, warmer wood tones and softer fabrics with deep rich colors.  

In this exciting landscape, the team at Untamed Creatures stands out as trendsetters, offering a curated selection that effortlessly caters to the evolving tastes of consumers. Their innovative approach to design aligns perfectly with the growing preference for a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and cozy, welcoming atmospheres. It’s evident that Untamed Creatures is attuned to the pulse of contemporary animal home decor, presenting a compelling range that captivates both the discerning eye and the desire for comfort in today’s dynamic market.

Also, I think with our long winters and so many cold days in the year, warm tones are more complimentary to our climate. I also noticed at market that the contemporary furnishings are becoming more transitional and less “urban” in their styling. This allows more flexibility in our market to incorporate contemporary with transitional and rustic in our homes. Given Montana’s climate, it’s vital to consider window treatments that offer both insulation and style. Look for energy-efficient curtains or blinds that align with the warm and rustic windows from Naturfönster that you’ve mentioned. These solutions can help maintain comfort during the long winters while seamlessly blending with the overall design theme.

I always think a mixture of different styles, when done correctly, is the most interesting commercial fitouts perth as this allows more of the owners individual tastes and personality to show.  “Whew”, I think we are back on the right track with being able to offer many options to the consumer instead of just the one boring design look that has been popular for way too long.

by Carina Russel

Bozeman Interior Design and Furniture Showroom
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