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Ten years ago the design industry had a major design change.  At that time we were just coming out of the “Great Recession” and people were cautiously starting to spend again. 

To promote new ideas in interior design whole home, the design industry presented a very cool neutral color palette, simple lines, smaller scale and a mixture of plain textures, with  an “industrial” feel to the decor. It was a new refreshing uptake from the traditional, and large scale decor that preceded it.

Washed gray wood tones, smokey colors, natural linen fabrics, texture in place of pattern, and a monotone spin on the decor.  But as in all trends, they come and go. 10 years of the gray minimalist look has run its coarse and now we are coming back to warmth and a softer approach to decor that utilizes curves, pattern and most of all color Wood tones are back to brown, area rugs have color and pattern. 

Fabrics are moving away from the coarseness of linen and going back to softer fabrics. The new traditional is however different than 10 years ago. The wood has more texture, with wire brushing and a hint of color wash. The fabrics though softer have simple nature themed patterns. The colors are rich and deep with deep greens, dark blues, deep reds and dark buckskin. 

Soft curves in furniture design is back, but simpler and less ornate. It is a old world traditional look, but cleaned up a bit. The “goopy” trend of lots of fabric puddling on the floor, and heavy trims on window coverings has not resurfaced. In place, is lighter simpler designs full of warmth but not overbearing. I believe this design trend will appeal to more people and will be around for a very long time.

By: Rocky Mountain Design Interiors – Bozeman, MT