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“Less Is More”

We have all heard the “Less is More” saying. There is truth to this especially in design…There is also truth to this just in life in general.

But let’s not get too philosophical and just talk about interior design. The visual things in a room; the furniture, artwork, accessories, etc. are all considered positive space. These are items that fill space. And this is very important in design.

What is also just as important is the negative space. This is the area between the tangible items, or just open area with nothing. The negative space when used properly can define the positive space in a very attractive way. When we create clutter and put too much into a room, we have limited our negative space. Thus, our positive space can’t be defined and appreciated. I feel it is so important that we limit our clutter for this reason. Plus it is also good for the psyche.

Hang up the clothes, put the dishes away, clear the table, make the bed, etc. etc. etc. Now, I am not a compulsive cleaning nut, but I do find if we eliminate our clutter, it allows us to mentally “breathe”. We are not overly stimulated by negative energy; clutter. At the same time we don’t want to over furnish our interiors for the same reason. This just causes clutter and we can’t see the individual pieces in a room, they just all mesh together with no interest or accent. It is best to have a few really good pieces in a room than a lot of mediocre pieces. This is the same for all aspects of a room.

Too much artwork or too small artwork is busy and too many accessories create clutter, It is best in artwork and accessories to have larger and fewer. Again, this creates more negative space which is beneficial to the positive space. This hold true for furniture also. A few fine pieces of furniture in an appropriate scale are better than a lot of small pieces.

When redoing a room, keep in mind both the positive and negative spaces and create a good balance between the two. Professional dumpster rentals can provide a dumpster for you and take care of disposing of its contents for you as well, which should speed things up considerably, freeing you take care of the rest of the aspects of the project more freely. Do your research, and find a commercial dumpster rental service that is well-established to ensure they work efficiently, for best results.